Among Doctors

Among Doctors

AmongDoctors is an Exclusive Physicians
Network, connecting doctors of all specialties
worldwide, in a reliable & relevant way.

A powerful, pharma-independent, networking & collaboration platform, enabling physicians to exchange opinions & insights, get advice from experienced peers and build their global professional network & reputation.



GROW your network with reliable & outstanding fellow doctors. Grow your global professional network & referral base.


LEARN from the best. Get reliable answers & second opinions from fellow doctors. View and engage in insightful medical


COLLABORATE and create your own private group of trusted
experts & collaborate privately.


STAND OUT Showcase your work & increase your reputation across countries. Share your knowledge & give back to the
medical community.


TRUST Be part of an exclusive club of verified, outstanding physicians: no pharma, no patients, only real doctors with real names.


FIND a series of selected, international Job Offers. Explore new career opportunities worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Who can see my profile?
+ Do you allow anonymity in your user’s posts?
+ Are your discussion boards or any part of the site, sponsored or observed by sponsors?
+ Will I need to pay anything to access the platform now or in the future?

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What people say about us

  • Dr. Chris R.

    Among Doctors represents an exciting opportunity for clinicians across Europe to establish networks and discuss issues of relevance to our practice. The increasing complexity of medicine means that any initiative which helps us to share knowledge more widely should be supported, to help improve patient care.
  • Dr. Raquel G.

    Among Doctors is strictly professional and independent from the pharmaceutical industry. This type of global initiatives allow disseminate knowledge and improve patient care, which is who ultimately benefits.


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